Trump: People Need Weapons to Protect Themselves ‘Now More than Ever Before’

‘You see that now more than ever before’


DICKERSON: “In the moment on no fly list you can buy a firearm does that need to be fixed?”

TRUMP: “I would take a very look at it. If you can’t fly, if you have some — I’d look at that very hard.”

DICKERSON: “Also look into the shooters in this case amass great amount of ammunition, they had multiple weapons, should that in this new world brick people under suspicion if they are developing that kind of —

TRUMP: “People can look at it. When people next door and other people say there’s something strange, that’s not people going hunting for deer. Because they had bombs, all sorts of pipe bombs a lot of things, certainly you can take look what’s going on. Again, the word vigilance. We have to be looking at a lot of different things. We can’t do anything to hurt the second amendment. People need their weapons to protect themselves. You see that now more than ever before.”

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