Graham Rips Rand Paul: ‘This Flirtation with Isolationism’ in the GOP Is Over

‘Build a small schoolhouse in Afghanistan to help a poor young girl will destroy the ideology more than a bomb’

TODD: "Senator, it seems as if you can militarily take care of an Al Qaeda, you can militarily take care of an ISIS, we haven’t defeated the ideology. The ideology is as strong as ever given what just happened in San Bernardino. What is your plan to defeat the ideology, sir?"
GRAHAM: "Well, you start with the leaders of the — you take down the caliphate. I’m convinced that the caliphate a size the Indiana, if it were destroyed it would be harder for people —"
TODD: "We took down al Qaeda and this just rose up, a new version of this, a new strain rose up."
GRAHAM: "I can tell you this, that al Qaeda has been placed on the run but not destroyed. ISIL is not the JV team. I cannot stress enough that there’s a terrorist army in Syria and Iraq that wants to attack the homeland and we’re not doing anything about it. How do you defeat the ideology? Build up others. You reject Rand Paul. This flirtation with isolationism in the Republican party is over. It’s giving way to a more muscular foreign policy I’m advocating. But I’m also advocating building up others. Build a small schoolhouse in Afghanistan to help a poor young girl will destroy the ideology more than a bomb. I am in — I’m an internationalist. I want to help others, not just kill terrorists, but I can tell you, there’s a sense of urgency that the president does not possess. That there is a 9/11 in the making. I just came back from Iraq. It’s a matter of a time that we get hit by ISIL, not some lone wolf attack but a hardened terrorist coming here to hit us hard if we don’t hit them first."

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