Graham: ‘Trump Is Doing Damage to Our Foreign Policy’ with Muslim Comments

‘Dr. Carson’s a fine man but he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about ... Donald Trump is doing damage to our foreign policy’

MITCHELL: “You were among the speakers, all the Republicans speaking to the Republican Jewish coalition yesterday and were you at all concerned about first of all, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, about the level of sophistication about the Middle East of some of the leading Republican contenders here? What does it say about the party this year? 
GRAHAM: “It says that experience doesn't matter. Dr. Carson's a fine man but he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Donald Trump is doing damage to our foreign policy. I just got back from Iraq. When he suggests that we are going to follow people around in the country based on their religion because they're Muslims, we are going to monitor mosques without a warrant, you are playing into the enemy's hands. When you talk about killing women and children, family members, you are actually empowering the enemy. That's what I got from my visit. Donald Trump doesn't have a strategy to destroy ISIL. He doesn't even understand the nature of the problem. The problem is radical Islam and the way you win the war is get people in the faith on your side. They have been the biggest victims of ISIL. His gibberish is hurting us, actually.”
MITCHELL: “Well, senator, thank you very much for being with us. This is an extraordinary moment watching this live unfolding of a media tour of the house. As you pointed out, you were a J.A.G. Officer. I don't understand why after the FBI search, why this wasn't shut out.” 
GRAHAM: “Beyond bizarre but so is the world. Good news, we can destroy ISIL. We just need a new strategy. The region is ready to do it. They just need our help. I came back believing more than ever that people are ready to take ISIL on. We just need American leadership to get us there.” 


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