Joe Rips Obama on Shooting: He’s ‘Clueless’ Like When He Talked About the JV Team

‘— And like he was clueless when he talked about how ISIS couldn’t reach us here’

SCARBOROUGH: "Huge difference. David Ignatius. To most listening to Brock and Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton appears to be head on and Barack Obama appears to be clueless like he was clueless when we talked about the JV team and like he was clueless when he talked about how ISIS couldn’t reach us here. I understand the investigation has to move forward but the president once again is failing to step forward and shall we, this sort of leadership a lot of people want. That fuels the rise of candidates like Donald Trump who says we’re going to bomb the held out of them. It’s not a workplace dispute, right."
IGNATIUS: "I think suggesting that is prime mistake. I would say the president is cautious. That’s his nature to call him clueless, I think, is unnecessarily sharp. I do think, Joe, that looking at this latest tragedy, people who are really worried about terrorism and many of those are on the right and people who are really worried about gun safety and many of those are on the left surely could agree that reducing the ability of people like Farook and Malik to have access to semiautomatic weapons is a good thing."
SCARBOROUGH: "The president of the United States won’t call it Islamic radicalism. A lot of people voting for Hillary Clinton scratch their head and wonder why. The White House said the weekend of Paris that this couldn’t happen to the United States. Maybe this is not ISIS but you said the president is cautious and the president doesn’t like to jump ahead on FBI investigations. He certainly had no problem doing it when it was Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation and the New York Times reported how angered the FBI agents were and my point is this. I believe, David, the president is creating a void by looking clueless as to what’s going on here and why these people struck out the way they did and collected these bombs and made these bombs and had all the am in addition they had. I think, David, yes. Most Democrats would agree with me. When the president sits there and says this might be a workplace dispute. Democrats at home are scratching their heads saying what’s wrong with him? Why is he so clueless?"
BRZEZINSKI: "David wants to jump in."
IGNATIUS: "Joe, with respect, a terrible thing has happened and we’re all trying to deal with it. To me, whatever problems there may be in tone with the president’s comment he should have said it this way or should have been lighter about this cautious about that. It’s not as if he’s the central person I want to focus on. He did this, mattered to me. The notion this president is creating a vacuum into which Donald Trump steps within inflammatory rhetoric takes the heat off Donald Trump. He’s responsible for his actions, not President Obama. I have many particular criticisms but I don’t think he’s the issue. The issue is these shooters."
SCARBOROUGH: "David, of course, that’s the main issue, David. I’m talking though, people on the left complained about Donald Trump’s heated rhetoric. They complain about the refugee crisis. They complain about the fact that there is fear across America. So much so that as you know depends on strong presidential leadership. I’m not blaming Barack Obama for the attack. I’m saying look at Hillary Clinton’s response. That lines up for where most Americans are. I think most Americans feel concerned that you got a president that still appears to be clueless as to just how dangerous this world is when it comes to ISIS and when it comes to Islamic extremism. That’s not a Republican point of view."

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