Joe Rips Mika: Trump Is Not Going to Drop 10 Points Because of Herman Cain

‘Why don’t you go over and write for The New Yorker or The New York Times?’

SCARBOROUGH: "He is exactly right. We've always talked about Bush derangement syndrome. There's been Obama derangement syndrome. And for eight years every bill that passed you would have somebody going to the floor going, 'Freedom died tonight.' (Laughter) [crosstalk] And a lot of them are running for the president. 'Today the freedom was slaughtered.' It just, it happens every day. (Laughter) I mean, I can name you 30 people that say that. By the way, that's a generic voice."
GIEST: "Those JFK's with a southern accent."
SCARBOROUGH: "With a southern voice. Look at the poll numbers again and, Eugene's right.-"
BRZEZINSKI: "You see what happened to Ben Carson when he said things and his credibility was undermined --" [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: "Mika, Mika, you're projecting. You have been doing this for two days. Why don't you go over and write for the New Yorker or New York Times. You don't like Herman Cain, we get it. Donald Trump is not going to fall 10 points because he had Herman Cain on stage in Georgia."

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