Christie: Obama Has Created Jobs Because Americans Need 3 or 4 Part Time Jobs to Stay Afloat

‘Middle class in this country know it, because they have three or four of them to try to keep roof over the head’

BRZEZINSKI: “How you’re doing post-Paris, because we’re hearing a lot of great feedback on you especially — sort of, on your ability to have range on issues. Tough on foreign policy. But also really sympathetic deep meaningful touch on domestic issues. But now let’s look at your record. Let’s look at New Jersey and the economy. Nine credit downgrades. State ranks 44th in private sector growth. It has a pension crisis that we talked about before. Third highest foreclosure rate in the country. And you’ll say often to that question, what’s going on with the economy, that you were handed a miserable situation. But isn’t that the same answer that President Obama gives, when he gets criticized about the state of the economy.”
CHRISTIE: “No. No, that’s not my answer. What my answer is, as you should have seen it when I got there. [crosstalk] We were 50th. No, it’s not. We’re better now than we were before. Let’s remember this. Jobless claims are the lowest they’ve been in 15 years now in New Jersey. We were the highest state last month in job creation, over 16,000 new private-sector jobs last month in New Jersey. We’re now at 220 new jobs since I’ve been governor. And the eight years before I became governor, we had zero net private sector job growth in eight years. So, what I’m saying is not that, well I got to dealt a bad hand. Because everyone knows I got to dealt hand. Point is, I’ve made the hand better. Now, have I made the hand number one in the country? No. But, no one is going to go 50 to one in six years.”
BRZEZINSKI: “So, how has President Obama done on the economy? He’s made some recovery. He’s on huge [indecipherable] as that happened when he came to office.”
CHRISTIE: “Well, let me say this about the president. You know he’s created a lot of jobs in this country. But — and the middle class in this country know it, because they have three or four of them to keep a roof over their head. I mean, there’s been more part time jobs created in this economy. Last quarter 1.5 percent GDP growth. I got to tell you the truth, If I were him, I wouldn’t be taking a victory lap for something like that. Now the fact is, is the economy better than it was after the stock market crashed and after the mortgage meltdown? Yes. But that’s a very low bar. And if that’s what we aspire to in this country I have no interest aspiring to that. I aspire to something much greater and so do the American people. They aspire much greater than that.”

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