Trump: I Won’t Do the CNN Debate Unless They Donate $5 Million to the Veterans

‘I won’t do the debate unless they pay me $5 million’


“The debates! I won all the debates. And I’m saying to myself today, CNN I’m coming over, and I told you we had this great pastors meeting, this great great meal— Look! The cameras just went off from CNN, they know me. I love hitting them while their cameras are on. I love it. So CNN gave me the worst story, it was like the meeting never even took place. It was such a great— it was like a love fest.  So maybe, how would you like to do this. Fox, for the first debate, ended up with 24-25 million viewers, maybe the largest show in the history of cable. CNN had 23 million people, it was the biggest show in the history of CNN. This isn’t me, this is from showbiz. Okay? The biggest ratings in the history of CNN. They cover wars, they cover this, they cover that.  How about, the next debate is with CNN. Now you have to tell me, because I know what they’re going to say. Ohh Trump is chicken, how about I tell CNN (who doesn’t treat me properly, they don’t). Right? They really don’t. How about I tell CNN that I’m not going to do the next debate. I’ll tell you the problem. This is a nice thing... How about we do this with CNN, I won’t do the debate unless they pay me $5 million. All of which money goes to the wounded warriors and the veterans. Seriously! I would love to do it.”

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