Bishop Slams Trump for Mocking Reporter, Insulting Women

‘What Donald Trump is representing now – the insults, the degrading – is not what we are all about’

MORTON: “I was invited to the first meeting in Atlanta. That was the foundation as they was laying it out in Atlanta and I so refused to go. You know, the pastors — that was organizing here.”


MORTON: “Because I just feel as though if I’m a kingdom representative, I represent the kingdom of God. So they kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. What Donald Trump is representing right now, the insults, the degrading is not what we are all about. So for me to endorse somebody like that where you have no respect for people. I mean, with the women, I think that was a disgrace and just the disabled reporter. That is unbelievable. Even the way they pulled the man out, black lives matter. It’s like a bully in the 21st century. It’s not presidential. I think if you’re going to be a president you have to be presidential. Now I don’t mind — I want to make it clear I don’t mind pastors going that go and pray for Mr. Trump. But in the prayer, I think that they need to say to Mr. Trump, listen, you need to apologize to women, you need to apologize to immigrants, the list goes on and on. And if he comes out and says, look, I just met men of God and women of God and I’m sorry, then you can look at him differently. But right now he doesn’t believe in apologizing so that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m leading people and the same kind of people he’s hurting, how do I go back and say, ‘we’re endorsing him but he’s talking bad about us?’”

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