Xi Jinping: ‘Terrorism Cannot Hold Back’ Efforts ‘to Address Climate Change’

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that world leaders’ presence at Paris shows that terrorism can not hold back mankind’s efforts to address climate change and pursue a better future


"Today we are gathering here in Paris for the opening ceremony of the United Nations conference on climate change. Our presence shows that terrorism cannot hold back mankind's efforts to address climate change and pursue a better future. Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere sympathy to the French people and my gratitude to President Hollande and the French government for their meticulous preparations for this conference. This Paris conference is convened to [indecipherable] the implementation of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and brain about a comprehensive, balanced, ambitious and binding agreement on climate change. The French writer, Victor Hugo once observed that supreme resources spring from extreme resolutions. I believe that with all parties making joint efforts with sincerity and the confidence the Paris conference will [indecipherable] satisfying results."

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