Spicer on Hillary: Dems ‘Have Put All Their Eggs in One Basket and that Basket Is Broken’

‘Hillary Clinton’s unfavorables are so off the charts it’s unbelievable’

KEILAR: "I was going to say I think he actually has. But Donna — you hear what Donna is saying. You hear what Hillary Clinton is saying. She’s painting all Republicans with this --" 
SELLERS: "The Donald Trump brush."
KEILAR: "-- Donald Trump brush." [Crosstalk]
SPICER: "No, I don’t. And you know why? Because, look, when you look at every Battleground Poll everyone of our candidates beats her head to head not just nationwide but in key battleground states. So, we can talk about that but the reality is that if I were a Democrat, if I were Donna or Bakari, what I would be concerned about is that they have put all their eggs in one basket and that basket is broken. Hillary Clinton’s unfavorables are so off the charts it’s unbelievable. She has no trust. She flip-flops in every set of issues. They have a set of rules for themselves that they follow. That’s true. And the fact of the matter is that the —" [Crosstalk]
BRAZILE: "Sean, the Republican brand — the Republican brand is unfavorable. Donald Trump is unfavorable. -- [crosstalk] -- Look at your candidates."
SPICER: "Right now Hillary Clinton loses every day —"
BRAZILE: "Look at —" [Crosstalk]
SELLERS: "I think that Sean — I think Sean can’t say with the straight face most Republicans can’t say with the straight face that Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton —"
SPICER: "Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton." 
SELLERS: "But we know —"
BRAZILE: "No, no. I’m not Mitt Romney." [Crosstalk]
BRAZILE: "I don’t have — I don’t have — I’ve got $10.00. -- (Laughter) -- But look, the truth is is that we don’t have a nominee in the Democratic Party." 
SPICER: "Yes, you do." 
BRAZILE: "No, we don’t." [Crosstalk]
SPICER: "-- give me a break."
BRAZILE: "No, no because —"
CAPP: "You’re saying Martin O’Malley can pull it out, right?"
SPICER: "Yes."
BRAZILE: "You know what —"
SELLERS: "You have a chance." 
BRAZILE: "We’re having a — we’re having a different kind of debate and discussion in the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders —"
SPICER: "You’re going through the motions."
BRAZILE: "Good. Because that’s good. That improves democracy. That strengthens our debate within our party and that gives us a very strong viable candidate when our process is over." [Crosstalk]
KEILAR: "Let’s talk about —"
BRAZILE: "Sean, one of the three candidates will become the 45th president of the United States."

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