Balz: ‘Trump Appeal’ Based on the ‘Rhetoric of Strength’ Because ‘People Are Very Afraid’

‘Trump’s strong rhetoric resonates with people when they are nervous’



KING: "And Carson has dropped in part, people say because the focus on foreign policy. He’s in Jordan at the moment. He’ll be on 'State of the Union' at the top of the hour. Watch the interview with Brianna Keilar. He said the United States must do more. It does nothing to solve the crisis bringing the refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our help. What he’s saying is we should be emphatic. Candidates often go overseas when they want to say I’m learning the world. Voters think he’s not ready for prime time. If he’s going down because voters think he’s not a commander in chief. And Trump is not moving. Do other cause think we have to reassess our strategy?"

BALZ: "I think the Trump appeal is based on the rhetoric of strength. We’re at a moment in which people are very afraid. The Paris attacks have heightened the concern about terrorism and the possibility of a big visit here on U.S. soil. And Trump’s strong rhetoric resonates with people when they are nervous. Ben Carson doesn’t project strength in the same way. He projects calm often but on foreign policy he’s had a difficult time getting his thoughts together. So the contrast between the two, I think."

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