Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Asks Black Co-host if She Makes Kool-Aid

‘No, I don’t make Kool-Aid’

Fox's Brian Kilmeade Asks Black Co-host If She Makes Kool-Aid (Huffington Post)

A "Fox & Friends" segment on peach cobbler appeared to get uncomfortably tense when anchor Brian Kilmeade asked co-host Harris Faulkner if she serves Kool-Aid with her meals.

The question was dished out as Faulkner, who is African-American, presented her recipe ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

After Faulkner mentioned that a summer version of her cobbler can be prepared as well, Kilmeade, who is white, asked, “Do you make Kool-Aid?”

As the video above shows, the lively chatter among the four hosts came to a brief halt as Faulkner reacted.

What Kilmeade may or may not know is that the popular mixed drink can be used to racially stereotype African-Americans, similarly to fried chicken or watermelon.


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