Jeb: Trump’s Comments About Muslims Cheering on 9/11 Are ‘Just Wrong’

‘This is just wrong’

[clip starts]
TRUMP: “Because I can feel it.”
CORDES: “Trump’s Republican rivals are disputing his tale of thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey the day the twin towers fell. Chris Christie is New Jersey’s governor.”
CHRISTIE: “If that had happened, I’d recall it. And I don’t.”
BUSH: “There was no cheering on any — that would have been on television. That would have been recorded. This is — this is just wrong.”
CORDES: “Ohio Governor John Kasich released an ad calling Trump’s rhetoric dangerous. Advisers to Jeb Bush went even further, calling Trump’s proposals for documenting American Muslims fascist. But none of it has hurt Trump’s poll numbers.”
[clip ends]

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