Robinson: Trump ‘Made of Something Slipperier than Teflon’

‘Donald Trump is obviously made of something slipperier than teflon because none of this stuff sticks to him’


SCARBOROUGH: "Also an interesting number. Donald Trump top line, plus five. This is actually bean good month for Donald Trump with all the things that he said and all the mistakes that he supposedly made. He’s gone up five points." 
BRZEZINSKI: "Remember he said people in Iowa are stupid."
SCARBOROUGH: "This comes after he basically challenged Iowa people, are you so stupid that you — how stupid are you for supporting this Carson guy. A lot of them looked well we’re not that stupid. Okay you got a point. Carson now down ten points. Trump in first place. Cruz in second place. Gene as you know the Washington Republican establishment if given a choice of supporting Donald Trump or Ted Cruz who ask for a gun instead and kill themselves. This is not what they want. They will start their own party. They will not March behind those two."
ROBINSON: "It’s driving them crazy. If you want an example, there’s a particularly anguished Columbia my colleague in the “Post” today lamenting the state of this campaign. Donald Trump is obviously made of something slipperier than teflon because none of this stuff sticks to him. That’s one thing from that poll. The other thing I want seems to me really bad for Marco Rubio in that you see Ted Cruz making this advance in Iowa. One thing for Rubio if Ben Carson wins Iowa and everybody can say well that’s weird Ben Carson and that’s not is going last. If Ted Cruz wins it that’s a different story for Rubio and it raises the question, where in those early states does Marco Rubio win? He doesn’t win Iowa, new Hampshire so where does he win."

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