MSNBC: Trump Triples Down on 9/11

Brzezinski: ‘Everyone wonders what could stop Trump; I don’t think anyone can stop him except for him’


BRZEZINSKI: “Meanwhile at a rally last night in Columbus, Ohio, Trump tripled down and read out loud from The Washington Post."

TRUMP: “During a speech recently I said that I saw in parts of new Jersey, Jersey City but parts of New Jersey, I saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers celebrating as the world trade center was coming down killing thousands of people, thousands and thousands of people. But the media was going crazy. They were having a field day. One of my people came in, Mr. Trump, I have a story in The Washington Post. The Washington Post? The Washington Post? How good is that? That's good because they do us no favors. In Jersey City, within hours of two jet liners plowing in to the world trade center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate style -- you know what that means, tailgate, football games, Ohio state, thousands of people in parking lots on roofs, tailgaters is a lot of people. Tailgate is not two people. And holding tailgate style parties on roof tops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.”

BRZEZINSKI: “So Ben Carson also said that he saw the footage but then later he backing tracked saying that he was hearing and thinking something differently at the time and has walked back the statements. I'll tell you what I think. I think this is -- this is what could really hurt Trump. I mean if -- he's got to be smart and strong and correct, and if he's not correct when push comes to shove people will coalesce around a different candidate.”

SCARBOROUGH: “And, again, he's got "The Washington Post" article, but it's not thousands of people.”

GEIST: “I read that whole article this morning to get the context of it, September 18, 2001. The piece was Muslim-Americans being swept up , in the days after 9/11. They arrested and questioned some people alleged to have these parties. The police chief in Jersey City says they have no record of it. Previous Internet theory it was in Patterson, New Jersey. That police chief said he had no record of it either.”

BRZEZINSKI: “I'm just saying. If you look at Ben Carson's drop it's when people started to see he knew nothing what he was talking about in terms of foreign policy, and in the age of terror and the age of so many different problems that we're facing around the world, this could be -- everyone wonders what could stop Trump. I don't think anyone can stop him except for him and I think this could, this could be really damaging.”

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