MSNBC: Six Republicans Beat Clinton Head to Head in Fox News Poll

‘In head to head match ups with Hillary Clinton, six Republicans beat her in this moment’

GEIST: “There are two other notes as we are go to break —“
BRZEZINSKI: “That’s the instinct, very careful.”
GEIST: “— that I’d like to point out. Jeb Bush in all these polls we show —“
GEIST: “— just locked at 5 percent. He can’t get any traction going. He’s been 5 percent for long —“ [crosstalk]
BRZEZINSKI: “Oh my God, it’s incredible.”
GEIST: “— state by state and also nationally. And another thing in the FOX poll, we showed nationally Trump up 10 points. In head-to-head match ups with Hillary Clinton, six Republicans beat her, in this moment. I know it’s a moment in time, but six Republicans beat Hillary Clinton head-to-head.”

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