Fiorina: Clinton ‘Has Done All the Wrong Things’

‘This administration has done all the wrong things’

HASSELBECK: “So Hillary Clinton is set to unveil her new plan. It includes points like this, defeating ISIS in Syria, Iraq, across the region, dismantling the growing terrorist infrastructure facilities that flow fighters, financing, arms, propaganda around the world, harden our defenses and those of our allies against external and homegrown threats. What do you think of that? And how would your plan as a President Fiorina, contrast hers?”

FIORINA: “Well, first of all it sounds great, doesn’t it? Sort of like Barack Obama, say all the right things. Unfortunately, she’s done all the wrong things. She declared victory in Iraq, and withdrew precipitously for political expediency, instead of listening to our generals on the ground. And this administration, whether it’s in Libya, after the Benghazi terrorist attack, which she called a videotape that didn’t represent our values, or whether it’s Syria or whether it’s Iraq, this administration has done all the wrong things. President Obama has convinced too many Americans that if you don’t agree with what he’s not doing, the only option is tens of thousands of boots on the ground. Let us start with an acknowledgment that his bombing campaign has suddenly become more effective in the last three days. We should have been, and we should continue to wage a far more effective bombing campaign, which yes, does mean special ops forces on the ground. But also, our Arab allies in this region, who have been fighting ISIS on the ground, as we speak for quite a long time, whether those are the Kurds, the Jordanians, the Turks, the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Bahrainis, you name it, they have asked us for very specific things, bombs and materiel, intelligence sharing, coordination on the ground. We have done none of it. I would do all of it. Look, we have allies who understand that this is their fight, as well. They will help us fight, as will the French, and the Germans now, and the British, as well. But, only the United States of America can lead, and we must provide support and resolve —“ 


FIORINA: “— and leadership to win this fight.”

HASSELBECK: “Lead being the key word. Mrs. Fiorina, we thank you for your time [indecipherable]”

FIORINA: “Yes, lead being — and you cannot lead from behind.”

HASSELBECK: “No, you cannot. Great to see you.”

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