Jeb Bush: U.S. Needs to ‘Intensify Efforts in the Air and on the Ground’ to Defeat ISIS

‘Militarily, we need to intensify our efforts in the air and on the ground’

"Here's the truth you will not hear from our president. We are at war with radical Islamic terrorism. (Applause)
It is the war of our time and a struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. ...

The United States should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out ISIS with overwhelming force. As the words of French President Hollande have made clear, the United States will not be alone in galvanizing this global effort. Militarily, militarily, we need to intensify our efforts in the air and on the ground. While air power is essential, it cannot bring the results we seek. 

The United States, in conjunction with our NATO allies and more Arab partners, will need to increase our presence on the ground, the scope of which should be in line with what the military generals recommend, not politicians, to be necessary to achieve our objective. (Applause) ...

Radical Islamic terrorists have declared war on the western world. Their aim is our total destruction. We can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. We have but one choice, to defeat it." (Applause)

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