Matthews to Del. Gov: Would You Feel ‘Responsible’ if Refugee Commits a Terrorist Act?

‘Would you personally accept responsibility for their behavior?’


MATTHEWS: “I’m joined right by one of the few who says he’s comfortable admitting refugees to his state. Jack Markell of Delaware. Thank you for joining us. Explain your positive position about refugees from Syria.” 
MARKEL: “Well, first of all, I mean an all governors, the thing we care the most about is keeping our people safe. That is a given. And so the refugees who come here from overseas go through the most secure, the most stringent review process that anybody who comes in this country goes through. And they have to go through it before they’re allowed to cross the Atlantic. I do, by the way, find it interesting that we’re talking about Syrian refugees when in the case of Paris. My understanding is that virtually all the people who were perpetrators were either French or Belgium citizens. And so are we talking about telling all French and Belgium citizens or all French and Belgium Muslims that they’re not coming? I’ve heard some presidential candidates say that we should only allow citizens. So are we going to change what’s on the Statue of Liberty to say, give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, as long as they’re Christian?” 
MATTHEWS: “Suppose one of the people that come into your state, under your support, does go terrorist, does become a recruit, become a cell member. Would you feel responsible for their actions?”
MARKEL: “Well, I mean, I think we would all —“ 
MATTHEWS: “No, you, personally. Would you personally feel responsible, as chief executive, having advocated for the admission of these refugees into Delaware, would you personally accept responsibility for their behavior?”
MARKEL: “Well, yes and — let’s remember, this is a federal. So all these governors —“ 
MATTHEWS: “But you’re advocating it. You’re saying, bring ‘em on. You’re saying, yes. You’re coming on TV to say it’s a good thing.”
MARKEL: “Because, look, these are people who are fleeing persecution. And I know everybody likes to believe these are all able-bodied, able-minded men —“
MATTHEWS: “Who said that? I didn’t say all of them. I said the ones who are, should be fighting.”
MARKEL: “I’m not saying that you did and I understand your point.”
MATTHEWS: “It’s not a country of CEOs and conscientious objectors. You’d stay here, or would you go off to Australia if this country was threatened by a takeover? You’d stay and fight. Why don’t they?” 
MARKEL: “Of course, of course. But the — in order to get refugee status, you either have to have been persecuted. Many of these people are women or children who were malnourished.”
MATTHEWS: “There’s two categories, by the way, governor, in support of your position. There are two clear categories. The one is people who have applied through Jordan. They have gone through the paperwork and applied to establish themselves as threats, by sectarian action. They’re all clean. But you see all the people in those boats. Boat after boat of young guys in their 20s, one after another, boat loads of just guys, just guys. Wait a minute, what’s this? What is this all about? And we’ve recruited four Syrians. 4 out of 4 million we’ve recruited to fight ISIS and Assad. Four! It doesn’t make any sense. In any culture, there has to be more than 1 out of 1 million that wants to fight for their country.”
MARKEL: “I agree. But if people make a mistake. If they’re equating refugees in Europe with those who are actually being approved as refugees to trying to come to this country, totally different things and people conflate these.”
MATTHEWS: “There’s been a lot of conflation lately, like Iraq after we were attacked by the Saudi. Thank you, governor.”

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