‘Morning Joe’ Panel Blasts Hillary for Connecting 9/11 to Her Wall Street Connections

‘She was asked about the Wall Street and she uses her 9/11 response on that question; that’s ridiculous’


SCARBOROUGH: “Sometimes we go to Twitter for answers, in moments like this. Chris Cillizza tweet during the debate. It is hard to overstate how little sense Clinton’s ‘I take contributions from Wall Street because they got hit on 9/11’ argument makes. Mark Halperin, it is quite frankly, Hillary Clinton at her very worst.”
HALPERIN: “She’s going to be hit today — she was hit today by the New York Times editorial board. She’s going to continue to be hit by people on all sides. I suspect she’s going to have to come out and clarify what she said and maybe say she was sorry for it. She was forced off script. And this is a testing now on national security, for everyone running for president. And one of her weaknesses besides having to defend the president — current president’s record, one of her weaknesses, when she’s forced off script her vast experience on national security, her ability to talk fluidly about the world, comes undone sometimes.”
BRZEZINSKI: “They actually double down, Willie.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Yeah, they did. The Clinton campaign could out this statement, reads in part as New York senator after 9/11 Hillary Clinton absolutely sought to rebuilt the financial industry that was based in lower Manhattan and was the lifeblood of New York’s economy. She is proud to stood by her home state economy after disaster struck during her time as senator.”
CONFESSORE: “She had an answer ready for 9/11 about another question and asked about Wall Street and uses her 9/11 on that question. She didn’t mean it. Just say it’s a mistake.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “George W. Bush said if we want to beat the terrorist, go shopping at a mall. Hillary Clinton at the same time was saying if you want to beat the terrorist, give me big contributions for my political campaign. She’s saying in this statement and at the debate that she is beating the terrorist by Wall Street billionaires writing checks to her.”
SCHMIDT: “What she did here was just so craving and it displays an aspect of her character that explains so fully why she is so deeply unpopular with the American people and particular in the middle of the electorate.”
GEIST: “It’s the kind of comment if another candidate made could you imagine the attacks?”
BRZEZINSKI: “Can you imagine if a Republican said it?”

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