CBS’s Cordes: Clinton’s 9/11 Wall Street Comments ‘Struck a Lot of People as Tone Deaf’

‘She was essentially saying, because of 9/11, she is getting millions of dollars’

DICKERSON: “Let’s talk about Wall Street here for a moment. And I want to play her response when she was asked about the Wall Street contributions that she gets and she was hit on — Bernie Sanders hit her saying basically those contributions make her compromised. Let’s listen to her response here.”

[clip starts]
CLINTON: “I represented New York. And I represented New York on 9/11 when we were attacked. Where were we attacked? We were attacked in downtown Manhattan where Wall Street is. I did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. That was good for New York, it was good for the economy and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country.”
[clip ends]

DICKERSON: “Nancy, in the debate, what do you make that have moment?”

CORDES: “Well, think what she was trying to say was, of course, these people support me, I was their senator. I did a good job for them, why wouldn’t they give me donations? But it struck a lot of people as tone deaf, because she was essentially saying because of 9/11 that’s why I get millions of dollars. And so, we were getting a lot of traffic on Twitter from people saying you know that just doesn’t sit right with me. And I think to be honest, when we asked her the question, she was a little surprised because I don’t know that she actually realized the way that it came off and quickly tried to self correct.”

DICKERSON: “Yeah, that’s right.”

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