Richard Clarke: ISIS ‘Much Bigger Threat’ than We ‘Ever Faced’ with al Qaeda

‘They have more money, they have more discipline, more training’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "And -- and, Brian, one of the chilling things here, no evidence yet of any real chatter before the attacks."
ROSS: "That’s very troubling to U.S. law enforcement especially. They thought they could detect this kind of planning in advance. That didn’t happen. There was no indication they knew this was coming."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "Bottom line, Richard Clarke, has ISIS now eclipsed al Qaeda as the number one terrorist threat in the world?"
CLARKE: "Oh, by far, George. ISIS is much more capable, there are more of them, they have more money, they have more discipline, more training. This is a much bigger threat that we ever faced with al Qaeda."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "OK, Richard Clarke, Brian Ross, Martha Raddatz, thanks very much."

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