Sanders: There Are ‘Very Substantive Disagreements’ Between Me and Clinton

‘I think what democracy is about is letting the American people hear these differences’


DICKERSON: “Senator we have just minute before the commercial break. I feel like last night all over again. I want to ask you about the CBS poll that we have on this question. We asked, who could bring major change to Washington, 62 percent said Hillary Clinton. 51 percent said you. Do you need to draw the distinction between you and Hillary Clinton more starkly for democratic voters?”
SANDERS: “Well, I think, the answer’s yes. But I have to tell you, John, we started this campaign something like three or four percent in the polls. We have come a long way in the six months that I’ve been in this race. I think the more people are familiar with Bernie Sanders and the programs that I’m advocating and what I’ve been trying to do in Congress. Better we are going to do. Hillary Clinton and I are very substantive disagreements on a number of major issues. I think what  democracy is about is letting the American people hear those differences.”

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