Graham: Donald Trump’s Position on Syria ‘Has Always Been Delusional’

‘Mr. Trump’s position regarding Syria has always been delusional’


TAPPER: "Who do you think is better prepared to take on ISIL? Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?"
GRAHAM: "Hilary Clinton seems to be disconnected. She won't embrace boots on the ground. Mr. Trump's position regarding Syria has always been delusional. I'm not worried about them, I'm worried about my homeland. Please wake up to the threats we face. Hit them before they hit us. fight them in their backyard, not our backyard. People are ready to be led. America must lead and have boots on the ground as part of a regional army. We need 10,000 force in iraq not 3500. If we don't do these things soon what you see in Paris is coming to America and if I'm commander in chief, it will not happen."

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