Eric Trump: ‘Believe Me’ He Will Deport Illegals ‘Humanely’

‘He is an American patriot, he wants to see best for his country’


KELLY: “Eric Trump is here, as I mentioned. That’s been a criticism that we’ve heard from some Republicans. Do you know how many agents it would take?”
TRUMP: “Let me start in a different way. My father is one of the greatest man in the world. He is amazing person. But, he wants to put America first. There’s a 100 million people in this country out of work. You also have a legal system. You have a system where you sign up to come into the country legally.”
KELLY: “Even if you have someone like Jeb Bush who would agree with that, when it comes to deporting 11.5 million illegal immigrants, you’re talking about 500,000 people a month. The one estimate is between 400 billion and $500 billion to do it.”
TRUMP: “But, the point isn’t just deporting them. It’s deporting them legally. He’s been so clear about that. I know liberal media wants to misconstrue. It’s deporting them and letting them back legally. But they have to come into the country legally. And there has to be some checks and balances behind it. What kind of country are we if people can walk across the border and take jobs from people who have lived there their entire lives. That’s his point. He is an American patriot. He wants to see the best for his country.”
KELLY: “But, even those who might agree with him in theory say you know what, it isn’t right. They broke the law. They have jobs that Americans want. If you accept all of that, there’s the method of how do we do it. Some people were killed, there were terrible conditions. It was what many people would consider inhumane. That’s been the big question. How could it be done?”
TRUMP: “Listen, this is the man who raised me. He’s one of the most charitable people you’ll ever meet. Believe me, he will do it humanely, but he wants to see if people come into this country illegally. It’s just that simple. He wants to see Americans who are born here have good jobs. He doesn’t want to see people come unchecked. And what is coming into the country? What is coming over the border? Do you have terrorists coming over the border? Do you have people from the Middle East who had done very bad things, coming across the border? I mean, how do you have a country like the United States, right? Which is very controversial in many ways. How do you have a country when you have people coming in unchecked. Have a process. Have people signed up. Have people do it legally. Give those jobs back to the Americans, you know, who are here.”
KELLY: “I have to ask you because I have you here, and Eric heard in our first segment with Peggy and Allen. You went to Georgetown?
TRUMP: “Georgetown.” 
KELLY: “OK. So, he grew up in a rich family. Powerful father, you go to Georgetown. What do you make on colleges like Yale?”
TRUMP: “It’s very different for me. My father had me on construction sites at a very, very young age. He made us work.”
KELLY: “And I’m sure he never let you hear any offensive words.”
TRUMP: “You don’t want type a children to have a good time. You work. You learn the trade of your skill. He’s an amazing father. And he’s an amazing man. I really think he’s going to go all the way in this process.”
KELLY: “And then you grow up and realize he’s not a cup cake.”
TRUMP: “Not a cup cake.” (Laughter)

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