Cruz: Rubio Opposed Every Single Amendment to Boost Border Security

‘He opposed every single one of them’

War: Cruz, Rubio Clash On Immigration (The Weekly Standard)

Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Thursday, Ted Cruz attacked Marco Rubio for the Florida senator's involvement in the Gang of 8 comprehensive immigration reform plan. Without mentioning Rubio by name, Cruz condemned the Gang of 8’s plan to amnesty illegal immigrants while contrasting it with his own views. Rubio, meanwhile, shot back that Cruz’s position on illegal immigrants isn’t that different from his own.

On Thursday, Ingraham asked Cruz about Rubio’s claim that since his experience with the Gang of 8, he now believes border enforcement must come first and separately from any action on resident illegal immigrants. “My reaction is all of politics is talk is cheap,” Cruz said.

“We had an epic battle in Congress, just a couple of years ago…on the question of amnesty,” Cruz continued. “And all the folks on the other side dismissed us, said we were wrongheaded and anti-immigrant for believing we should actually secure the border. I have a deep and genuine disagreement with that view. Look, I’ve got to say as a voter, when politicians say the exact opposite of what they’ve done in office, I treat that with a pretty healthy degree of skepticism.”

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