Rand on Rubio: ‘As We Go Further Into Debt We Become Weaker and Less Safe’

‘The real debate is over Marco Rubio was a fiscal conservative’


CARLSON: "Was Marco Rubio right in calling you an isolationist?"
PAUL: "The real debate is over Marco Rubio was a fiscal conservative. I think adding a trillions and adding a trillion dollars in child tax credits is not paid for, I don't think that's very conservative. These child tax credits currently have a 25% fraud rating and improper payment rating and the investigator general found that 48ds op these were going to illegal immigrants. With we do his plan, my fear is many more illegal immigrants will be getting tax credits and welfare transfer. I don't think conservatives are for that." 
CARLSON: "That's one part of the issue. Another part was for military spending."
PAUL: "I'm for a strong and robust military. We spend more than the next ten countries combined. You add Russia and China together and you add eight more countries until you get the how much we spend. We should have national defense be a priority but doesn't mean a blank check. Where I don't think Marco Rubio is conservative is he want a trillion dollars with a T. I think as we go further and further into debt we become weaker and we become less safe. The biggest threat to our national security right now is our debt. I think Marco Rubio, if he had our way would pile on so much new debt that we would be inundated."

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