Ted Cruz: Marco Rubio Opposed Every Single Amendment to Boost Border Security

‘He opposed every single one of them’


INGRAHAM: “For those of my listeners who forget what happened during that debate, Senator Cruz, refresh our memory about the enforcement amendments that were offered. And [indecipherable] defeated. One I think you’ve proposed, another Jeff Sessions, proposed. Did Marco Rubio support any of those amendments?
CRUZ: “He opposed every single one of them. Every single amendment. I introduced an amendment to triple the Border Patrol, fourfold —“
INGRAHAM: “We’re back with Senator Cruz. Senator we want to make sure we heard you exactly. On the issue of enforcement. There were many amendments offered by you and Jeff Sessions and others. What happened with Rubio’s either supporting them or not supporting them?
CRUZ: “Well, for example, I introduced an amendment to the Judiciary Committee. To triple the Border Patrol. To Increase fourfold the fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. To put in place a strong E-Verify system. To put in place a strong exit/entry systems, for visa overstays. And every Senate Democrat on the committee voted against it. And the sponsors of the Gang of Eight. The Gang of Eight all eight of them agreed to vote against every amendment that would strengthen the bill from an enforcement perspective. And they voted against one after the other. So, the Republican sponsors and the Democrats voted against that amendments. I introduced another amendment, Laura, that simply said anyone who is here illegally — that would be ineligible for government welfare benefits. Member the Gang of Eight was saying over and over again, they wouldn’t get welfare, I said fine, let’s put it in the law, they won’t get welfare. Every Democrat voted against it and every Republican sponsored the bill, voted against it. And they voted as a block over and over and over again, after amendment after amendment. Jeff Sessions introduced amendment after amendment, I introduced amendment after amendment. And the Gang of Eight voted as a gang against enforcing and securing the border.”

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