Krauthammer on the Debate: ‘Rand Paul Had His Best Night’

‘I give him points for courage and candor’

BAEIR: "Charles?" 
KRAUTHAMMER: "I agree, I was thinking exactly that when I watched the debate. Of course, I wasn't [indecipherable] lights, I wasn't sweating and I wasn't thirsty. So, you know, it's easy to do when you're watching from here. But that is the obvious answer. Reagan's central plank was the military buld-up and it worked. It defeated the Soviet Union. They called off the Cold War as a result. I do think that Rand Paul had his best night. And I give him points for courage and candor. I mean his sort of isolationism is not a popular strain. But he went with it. He went up against the rest of the panel. He also did an answer on what's wrong with our economy. But I just knew he was going to go to the Fed. Which is the driest, least sexy, and slightly quirky of all answers. But he believes it. And he went with it. So I give him credit for that. It was a good night. But not good enough I think to change the trajectory. Julie is right, I don't think anybody really changes his or her fortunes. But if you look at the stage, you saw the two wings, you had Rand Paul and you had Kasich, who you could just see falling through a trap door. And then you have Carly Fiorina. And Jeb, who I think are also rather tentative. And then you look in the center and you saw the final four."

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