Huckabee: ‘When You Say Janet Yelling, I’m Very Familiar with What You’re Talking About’

‘Well, my wife’s name is Janet — and when you say ‘Janet yelling,’ I’m very familiar with what you mean’

REGAN: "Governor Huckabee, both Senator Santorum and Governor Christie are critical of the Federal Reserve. Also many question whether Janet Yellen is the right person to be running the fed. If elected president, would you keep Janet Yellen?"
HUCKABEE: "Well, my wife's name is Janet. And when you say 'Janet yelling,' I'm very familiar with what you mean. But, look, I think the fed's in a big trouble because they haven't addressed the number one issue hurting Americans and that's the fact that wages for the bottom 90% of the economy have been stagnant for 40 years."

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