Jindal to Christie: ‘I’ll Give you a Ribbon for Participation and a Juicebox’

‘But in the real world, it’s about actually cutting government spending, not just talking about government spending’

REGAN: "What specifically makes your plan to replace Obamacare better than the opponents, some of them standing next to you?'
JINDAL: "Look, only one other candidate has a plan. That's Jeb Bush, he creates a new entitlement program. My plan gets rid of all of ObamaCare. It's great that Senator Cruz will shut down the government over ObamaCare but hasn't given us a plan to get rid of it. Great other Republicans talk about getting rid of it. When you go to a town hall in Iowa or New Hampshire, ask them how they get rid of it? My plan has been online for over a year, reduces costs, puts Americans, their patients and doctors back to control, and helps those who need this help. But this is one of the most critical issues we face domestically. I'm the only candidate running that refused to expand medicaid. I am the only one that did what we could to fight ObamaCare. This is an important point. I appreciate Chris' points to me. I love Mary Pat. This is about the most important election in our lifetimes. Folks, a couple years ago, they told us, give us the Republican majorities in the House and the Senate, they'd stop ObamaCare and amnesty and the bad Iran deal. Nothing changed. If they fooled us once, shame on them, if they fooled us twice, shame on us. Chris, look, I'll give you a ribbon for participation and a juice box, but in the real world, it's about results, it's about actually cutting government spending, not just talking about government spending."

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