Netanyahu: ‘Israel Has No Better Friend than America’

‘We have to pay for defense ... defense is very, very expensive’

“No matter what disagreements there are between Israel and the United States, Israel has no better friend than America and America has no better friend than Israel. (Applause) (...) 

No matter what disagreements there have been within the Jewish community, maintaining the unity of our people is of a paramount importance. There is only one Jewish people, there's only one Jewish state, and now more than ever we must work together to unite the Jewish people and secure the Jewish state. (Applause) (...) 

You see, while we have a tremendous opportunity, we also have one or two challenges. I think you have heard about it. We have to pay for defense. Defense is very, very expensive. In fact, it gets more and more expensive all the time. So the principal way by which we pay for our defense is growing our economy, and the other I have to say is the generous support that we are getting from the United States of America. And yesterday I had a wonderful discussion with President Obama how to secure that assistance for the coming decade. Thank you America."

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