Chris Coons Endorses Clinton for President

‘I’m thrilled to be endorsing her today in her run for president’

CAMEROTA: “Senator, let’s talk about presidential politics. I know you were and are a big Joe Biden supporter. You were hoping that he would run. Now that the vice president has decided not to get in the race, have you decided whether or not you will support one of the other Democratic candidates?”

COONS: “I have. That’s right, Alisyn. I’m a big Joe Biden fan and supporter. I was hopeful he would be running for president. I think his voice for our middle class has been unequaled. But I think he’s made the right choice for his family. I’ve had a number of conversations with Hillary Clinton’s policy folks, and yesterday, I spent some time speaking directly with Secretary Clinton. I got to know her when we traveled together and worked together in my first few years in the Senate and across a wide range of issues — from college access to manufacturing, from foreign policy to leadership. I’m thrilled to be endorsing her today in her run for president.”

CAMEROTA: “Oh, that’s good news, senator. I mean, that is news I should say.”

COONS: “That is news. I haven’t made the announcement before now.”

CAMEROTA: “Thanks for sharing it with New Day. You are officially endorsing Hillary Clinton. Why not Bernie Sanders?”

COONS: “You know, Bernie, I reached out to Bernie and I hope to talk with him in person about it today. I think Senator Sanders has conducted himself really well in this campaign. He’s got some strong ideas. He’s got a great record. I like Bernie personally. But I just think we need an economic message of optimism and that focuses on growth as well as one that looks with a clear eye about some of the issues of income inequality that Bernie has raised. There are folks I’m close to in my community and extended family who are big supporters of Bernie Sanders. But I frankly think that Secretary Clinton will make the stronger president. I have a closer, longer relationship with her and I’m optimistic that she can win in the general election and lead our country well.”

CAMEROTA: “Senator Chris Coons, thanks so much for sharing your endorsement news on NEW DAY. Great to talk to you this morning.”

COONS: “Thank you.”

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