Joe: Court’s Immigration Ruling ‘Would Undercut’ Obama’s Legacy

‘No doubt this court ruling will put immigration on the forefront of the Republican debate’

GEIST: “President Obama’s immigration plan has hit another roadblock. A Federal Appeals Court has ruled two to one against the president’s executive order under the plan millions of undocumented immigrants would be shielded from deportation. At this point the administration may be able to appeal the decision to the supreme court for consideration. Something, Joe, that might happen near the very end of his second term.”
SCARBOROUGH: “Yes, it may. And Al Hunt, obviously a very significant ruling. This is happening now twice said the president. This one looks like it’s going all the way to the Supreme Court, doesn’t it?”
HUNT: “Yeah. The court will probably rule on this next year. They’re going to seek an expedited process here and that will be every year it seems we have some huge decision that probably will come down to about the third week of June and this will be the one, you know, for next year.”
SCARBOROUGH: “And [indecipherable] Oh, I’m sorry all good.”
HUNT: “No, no, no — and there’s an awful lot at stake here. Because if that appellate court ruling stands, it really vitiated a great deal what Obama’s tried to do by executive order and immigration.”
SCARBOROUGH: “It certainly would undercut one of the great legacies that he certainly was helping to achieve. And Nicole, there is no doubt this court ruling is going to put immigration on the forefront of the Republican debate, maybe even tonight, and that’s not especially good news for a couple candidates who’ve been accused of flip-flopping on the issue of immigration.”

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