NBC's Chuck Todd: GOP Is 'In Just as Bad of a Place, if Not Worse' in 2014

'It just doesn't look like it right now because of health care'

NBC's Todd Proclaims: Republicans 'In Just as Bad of A Place, if Not Worse' in 2014 (NewsBusters)

Appearing on Wednesday's NBC Today to provide his New Year political predictions for 2014, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd assured co-host Savannah Guthrie that despite the ObamaCare disaster, Republicans would be "in just as bad of a place, if not worse than they were." He explained: "It just doesn't look like it right now because of health care." 

Todd's wishful thinking was prompted by Guthrie observing: "[Republicans] were widely blamed for the government shutdown. I think they were, in some ways, rescued by the debacle with the ObamaCare rollout because the heat was off them." Todd pushed back: "... they haven't fixed their structural problems ... it's a false sense of security ... they threw out this whole, 'Okay, we've got to get better with minorities and get better with technology and get better with various issues, not look like we're so anti-woman.' They've made no – they've made no accomplishments on that front. None of it."

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