Marc Caputo: ‘The Barack Obama Political Machine ... It’s a Lie’

‘The Obama political machine without Obama is no machine’

TODD: "No better example, Marc, than the state of Florida. A swing state that is nowhere near swing in legislative races."
CAPUTO: "Right. I think Florida exemplifies a lot of the problems that Democrats have nationwide. I mean, the big thing is is that the Barack Obama political machine and the old world big data, it’s a lie. The Obama political machine without Obama is no machine. They don’t win. That was largely a personality-based campaign in two different cycles. And I did witness, at least in Florida, the Obama machine, for whatever it was, it was kind of good having its consultants come down and build Democrats in various races and then not win them. But then in addition to that, they would not really do much to help. So you also have, in addition to that, folks not liking Barack Obama very much. And so if you were running for office, you ran away from Obama and Obama’s people didn’t run toward you to help."

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