Trump: Lee Atwater Asked Me About Being VP for Bush 41

‘He said what do you think about that idea?’

STEPHANOPOULOS: "Let me ask you something that came up in this new biography of George H. W. Bush by Jon Meacham this week. He — he — on page 326, he says, going back to the 1988 campaign, 'The New Yorker developer Donald Trump mentioned his availability as a vice presidential candidate to Lee Atwater. Bush thought the overture strange and unbelievable.' That’s what he wrote in his diary. Did you really want to be vice president to George H. W. Bush?"
TRUMP: "Well, you know, Lee Atwater was a very good friend of mine, as you may have known. He was a great guy and, you know, I was a very political person for a long period of time and I was a big contributor. And I was asked that question by Lee. He said what do you think about that idea? I said I don’t know, Lee, you can check it out if you want but it doesn’t sound right, because at that time I had no political aspiration."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "So he made — you’re saying he made the overture to you."
TRUMP: "Yes, Lee asked me about it a long time ago, that’s right."

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