Geraldo Brings out a Musket Rifle on Air and Says ‘This Is What Weapons Look Like When the Second Amendment Was Passed’

‘If you want to own this, you can own this’


GERALDO: "This is what — "
HANNITY: "Oh boy."
GERALDO: "This is what weapons looked like -- this is what they looked like when the Second Amendment was passed. This is what they looked like."
HANNITY: "You’re going to get arrested in New York for having that. I'm just warning you right now."
GERALDO: "I want to let everyone in the country know, if you want to own this, you can own this. You can own this, you can load it, you can do whatever you want with it. What you don’t want, though — "
HEGSETH: "And I can ride to work on a horse, if you want."

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