Cruz: The Momentum from the CNBC Debate Has Been Astonishing

‘The third debate we ended up raising 1.1 million dollars in twenty-two hours’

HANNITY: “— poll, with Trump and Carson taking first and second. Here with reaction, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz — on the rise. Senator, congratulations to you.”

CRUZ: “Thank you, Sean.”

HANNITY: “How much of this do you think is related to what I think will go — will be taught in journalism school, the moment you had really taking down those very abusively biased moderators in that last debate? I thought that was a huge moment for you.”

CRUZ: “Well, thank you, Sean. I got to say the momentum coming out of that debate has been astonishing. You know, the first debate and the 100 hours that followed that debate, we raised a million dollars. The second debate, we raised a million dollars in 48 hours. The third debate, we ended up raising $1.1 million not in 100 hours, not in 48 hours, but in 22 hours as people all over the country went to I mean, it really has been breathtaking.”

HANNITY: “Yes. You —“

CRUZ: “And I’ll tell you, one of the things that also encouraged me is that after I called out the media, we really saw the Republican candidates on that stage unite and come together and stand in unison. It was really encouraging to see us stand against the left-wing bias of the media and make clear that every one of the candidates running has a stronger and more positive and more optimistic message than any of the Democrats and any of the lies the mainstream media is trying to push.”

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