Clinton Calls out Clinton Foundation Donor for Not Doing More on Refugee Crisis

‘— Because a lot of countries are doing nothing … Saudi Arabia is not doing anything and they certainly have the means to do more’


CLINTON: "This is -- we are in the period in one of the worst refugee crisis that we ever faced and certainly the biggest since the end of the World War II. This mass movement of people escaping conflict, escaping economic desperation. And you are right, the biggest numbers are coming out of Syria, but a lot, a very large number are coming out of Africa, making the dangerous crossing over the Mediterranean, coming from as far as Afghanistan. And people are desperate for better opportunities for themselves and their families to the extent that they will risk their lives. They will risk everything to try to get to some place that they think is safer and provides more opportunities. 

So I think there are several things we have to do. One, we -- and I've been advocating this and I will advocate it one more time. I think that the United Nations needs to held an international conference and get people to either sign up to take refugees or to provide funding to house and cloth and feed refugees. And they should be not just European countries; it should be an international effort.

That's what I did after Haiti, after terrible earthquake in Haiti, we had such a conference at the United Nations. And we basically just asked people to make their pledge. And, you know, small countries couldn't as well do much, but you know , they pledged that they might send a paramedic team, and larger countries are going to be providing funding for rebuilding and housing. And it was great because you have a lot of Latin American countries, even Asian and European countries coming to say what they would do to help rebuild Haiti after the devastation. 

I would like us to do something conformable and the U.N. is the right place to do it and the United States should take a leadership role because a lot of countries are doing nothing. You know, Saudi Arabia is not doing anything and they certainly have the means to do more. Jordan and Turkey and Lebanon are just being crushed under the weight of trying to feed and cloth and house the refugees from Syria, and a lot of the southern European countries, the Balkans, the Greece. They are just overwhelmed, they don't have the resources. It's an international problem and I think we should have more of an international response."

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