David Plouffe: Clinton’s Trustworthy Numbers Are ‘Concerning’

‘Those numbers are concerning, I think they’d probably admit it to their campaign’

HEILEMANN: "One thing you'd be honest is that as a Democrat, you understand your party better than the Republican Party."
PLOUFFE: "Absolutely."
HEILEMANN: "A lot better. You came out the other day, we were all out in Iowa for the JJ dinner; you came out with an endorsement on medium I believe of Hillary Clinton. Just as -- if you would like to time travel back to 2008 and we look to your public statements and private statements about you thought about Secretary Clinton, then Senator Clinton, in terms of her character. That's something a variance with where you are now. So what has changed over time that makes you think that Hillary Clinton, the Hillary Clinton that you were very dismissive of and critical is the right person?"
PLOUFFE: "You know, that was a pretty ferocious race. And I thought at that time, no question in my mind and the Democratic voters decided that Barack Obama was the best choice for the moment. But if you look at where we are right now, you know, she is far and above the rest of the Democratic field and I would argue the Republican field. In terms of the next eight years who do I think will do the best job as president, not just continue on the Obama legacy, but as commander-in-chief, I think it's her." 
HEILEMANN: "But much of your critique, tough, in 2008 was character-based, right?"
SCARBOROUGH: "I mean, one quote that of course I re-tweeted, is where you said Hillary Clinton basically run the lowest gutter politics ever."
BRZEZINSKI: "Look at this Q poll."
SCARBOROUGH: "Look at the honest and trustworthy numbers, 36 percent yes, 60 percent, no. You cut straight to her character, especially when she started the rumor that maybe Barack Obama wasn't, I don't know, he wasn't Christian or wasn't an American or something -- [crosstalk]  --but their people were sending out some really scandalous things about President Obama."
HEILEMANN: "Well, and to be precise, I think your claim was her campaign, not her personally, they were amplifying an existing rumor."
PLOUFFE: "Yeah, I think listen, I think their campaign had some low moments, no question about that. I think they were struggling with how to deal with our ascension. But I  do think, and listen, those numbers are concerning, I think they'd probably admit it too. They have to work on those. She went through a tough period around the e-mails, months and months, hopefully they can turn the corner on that. She has to bring the campaign back to raising the stakes. The difference between her, whether its Carson, Trump, Cruz, Rubio -- huge: foreign policy, domestic policy, raising those stakes will help turnout. Because ultimately the Obama coalition, look at the electoral college and say how on earth can a Republican ever win? The Democrats went through it from '68 to '92. They only won the White House once and that was because of Watergate. The Republicans are in a tough period now. There are two things, one, there's a lot of people out there a lot of people after eight years of a Democrat, swing voters, college educated women in the suburbs of Denver, Virginia, open to an alternative. Not if it is probably Ted Cruz or Trump, but someone more acceptable. And in two, is the Obama coalition."
PLOUFFE: "It's got to be recreated. So you need enthusiasm to do that. By the way, that's where Carson has an enthusiasm, an edge. I am not an expert on that. It means something. It's not just statistics. It usually materializes itself in organization and vote."

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