Krauthammer: Obama Foreign Policy Is ‘Make It Look as if Something Is Happening’

‘Make it look as if something is happening so at least he can say, can issue statements — it has done nothing on the ground’

KRAUTHAMMER: "Well, the president likes to tell us, several hundred times, that what he is not doing. Is he not launching another Iraq war. Yes, we know, Mr. President, you are against the Iraq war. But it's now more than a decade later and it's seven years into your administration. Five years into this civil war and you have done nothing. What he is talking about and what you have mentioned is to give the appearance motion. Make it look as if something is happening so at least he can say, can issue statements. It has done nothing on the ground. The Russians and Iranians and Hezbollah have shown how you change the status of forces. The balance of forces on the ground by doing something. They are right. That a civil war generally isn't ended by military means. Although I would give you the example of Appamatox, that was a pretty definitive ending. Nonetheless, when you want to end a war, yes it will be diplomatic ending. But the way it's ended, who wins, who loses, depend on where the forces are on the ground. The Russians and Iranians have shown they will do something. Obama shown over and over again 50 special ops in this vast Kurdish area everybody knows it's a joke. And the irony is, Turks have been attacking our Kurdish allies in that enclave which is why we can't do a fly zone."

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