Krauthammer on GOP Candidates’ Debate Demands: They Should ‘Quit While They’re Ahead’

‘The idea of having conservative moderators ... will be a splendid idea if that panel were to be the moderators for the Democratic debate’

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: "The Republican candidates should quit while they're ahead. They won this debate against the media. The debate about the debate is over, and they crushed the media. There is a general consensus, including in liberal media, that it was awful debate run by disrespectful and kind of useless moderators, who clearly showed the world that there is a liberal bias. So the GOP won and actually came out of the debate looking good as a group. At this point, to continue to beat the horse is kind of pointless. Christie and Fiorina are right. We won that argument, we're ready to show up anywhere, anytime -- and it actually helps them. I think the idea of having conservative moderators -- say Rush and two people he chooses -- will be a splendid idea if that panel were to be the moderators for the Democratic debate. And the GOP will take any liberal, because obviously when they took on the CNBC liberals, they won. So, you know, the graphics and the temperature of the room is important, but it isn't the main issue. The main issue is debating the ideas."

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