Christie: John Harwood Has Been Biased His Entire Career

‘He’s been that way his entire career’


SCARBOROUGH: "We had a big fight at the beginning of the show. If you could disagree with me this time, I would appreciate it. As Republicans, we're just sick and tired of people that have never voted in Republican primary their entire life asking all the questions. It gets old after a while."
CHRISTIE: "Listen, I'm not one of these complainers about this. I said what I thought the morning after. Are we shocked that John Harwood ​are bias? Please. He's been that way his entire career. If you're standing there expecting to get a fair question from Harwood, I think he thought he was interviewing me. No, you're not interviewing me. I'm going to ask you a question."
SCARBOROUGH: "Look at the interviews with Barack Obama and never looked like that and he's got three or four."
BRZEZINSKI: Okay. Let's move on."
SCARBOROUGH: "Also, I can say one thing, the Marco question, he was right."
CHRISTIE: "I'm not saying he's always wrong, I'm saying the idea is you're not suppose to be interviewing us, you're suppose the ask us a question and we have 60 seconds to answer. Let's answer. You don't like our answer, there's the discretion of the moderator to follow up. What he was doing with me was he wouldn't let me finish my answer before he was following up. They didn't run the debate the right way. It was totally out of hand and craziness. Everybody jumping in and interrupting each other. Some of that is going to happen and if you let him do that you are going to have a crazy debate."

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