Baldwin: Carson Is a Smart Man; Does He Understand the Definition of ‘Debate’?

‘Does he know what the definition of ‘debate’ is?’

CNN’s Baldwin: Does Ben Carson Understand the Definition of ‘Debate’? (Mediaite)

Some of the Republican presidential candidates have made some pretty strong proposals for fixes to future debates after CNBC’s, well, cringe-tastic one. Ted Cruz has been suggesting that the moderators should be limited to anyone who plans on voting in the Republican primary. On CNN today, Brooke Baldwin brought up the moderators of her network’s last two debates––Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper––and said they asked tough questions of both sides as journalists who don’t betray biases to either party.

But Ben Carson was another candidate yesterday calling for a change in debate formats, saying that the purpose of debates is to help people get to know the candidates, not to throw out “gotcha” questions.

And then Baldwin literally read the dictionary definition of the word “debate” on air and said, “This is a smart, smart man. A pediatric neurosurgeon we’re talking about. Does he know what the definition of ‘debate’ is?”

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