De Blasio Defends Clinton Flip-Flopping on Progressive Issues

‘She said very clearly that here is a standard I have to see met to protect American workers and when she saw the product of TPP it did not meet that’

Bill de Blasio Suddenly Defends Hillary Clinton Flip-Flopping on Progressive Issues (The Washington Free Beacon)

New York City’s Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio officially announced on Friday’s Morning Joe that he was endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016 and defended her flips on various positions after being reticent on Meet the Press this year to back the candidate.

“I think like a lot of people in this country I want to see a vision,” de Blasio told Chuck Todd in April.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough asked de Blasio about how Clinton has changed in the last six months to warrant a endorsement from him. He responded that the best thing about the Democratic Party versus the Republican Party is that the Democratic Party is challenging each other on positions whereas the Republican Party is stuck in their ways.



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