Mukasey Predicts NSA Surveillance Will Be Heard and Approved by the Supreme Court

‘I believe that this is governed by existing Supreme Court precedent ... I don’t think that’s going to be changed’

MUKASEY: “I think ultimately this is going to work its way up to the Supreme Court. And I believe that this is governed by existing Supreme Court precedent, a case called Smith versus Maryland. I don't think that's going to be changed. And I think it's going to come out the NSA's way. On the way obviously there's going to be a whole lot of debate and discussion about what the NSA should and shouldn't be doing. And my hope is that it will emerge largely unchanged and unscathed.”
ROBERTS: “When we look at the two judges involved here, Judge Richard Leon in the Washington District Court -- he was a George W. Bush, a Bush 43 appointee, and Judge Paulson up there in New York, a Clinton appointee -- do you suspect that there's any politics at play here in the decisions that were rendered?”
MUKASEY: “No, not really. I know both men. I think highly of both men. They’re obviously not both right. They couldn't conceivably be. And my view is that Judge Pauley is right in this case.”

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