Scarborough: The First Question by CNBC’s Harwood ‘Was Absolutely Embarrassing’

‘It was a Megyn Kelly style question’

SCARBOROUGH: “Online poll taken by Drudge shows Trump at 56 percent of the vote and I will say this, Willie, I thought that for Donald Trump and we didn’t get to whether this was Jeb Bush’s Waterloo in a minute because I think that may be the big headline out of this. But I actually thought last night, Donald played it pitch perfect. He laid back and associated himself with Ben Carson at the end. There were no attacks against Ben Carson and he just for once, after that first question, I’m sorry, we told the truth about Fox, who — I love so many people over there — I got to tell the truth about John Harwood. The first question was just absolutely embarrassing. It was a Megyn Kelly style question — of, your things are bad that you don’t have any more chance of flapping your wings and flying out of here. And what was — yeah, calling him a comic book. The first right out of the debate. And I said, here we go again. [crosstalk]Yeah. Trying to make a splash right on the gate and Donald Trump smacked it down. What most of the candidates do, especially Ted Cruz up there, they gave long speeches about the moderators, long speeches about media and that was probably the most memorable —“ 
SCARBOROUGH: “Cruz’s was brilliant and Cruz came at the right moment. It was in the middle of the debate and came back and went through every question and why this is unfair.”

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