Trump Rips Harwood After He Claims the Debate Was Always Going To Be Two Hours

‘Everybody said it was going to be three hours, in about two minutes, I renegotiated it, down to two hours so we can get the hell out of here’

HARWOOD: "Mr. Trump?"
TRUMP: "Our country doesn’t win anymore. We used to win, we don’t win anymore. We lose on trade. We lose with ISIS. We lose with one of the worst deals I’ve ever seen negotiated of any kind, that’s our recent catastrophe with Iran. We don’t win. Let me give you one quick example. These folks, CNBC, they had it down at three, three and a half hours. I just read today in the New York Times, $250,000 for a 30 second ad. I went out and said, it’s ridiculous. Nobody — I could stand up here all night. Nobody wants to watch three and a half, or three hours. It was a back sacrifice, and I have to hand it to Ben. We called Ben, he was with me 100%. We called in, we said, that’s it. We’re not doing it. They lost a lot of money, everybody said it couldn’t be done. Everybody said it was going to be three hours, three and a half, including them, and in about two minutes I renegotiated it so we can get the hell out of here. Not bad. (Applause) And, I’ll do that with the country. We will make America great again. And, thank you everybody. Just for the record."
HARWOOD: "Just for the record, the debate was always going to be two hours. Senator Rubio?"
TRUMP: "That’s not right. That is absolutely not right. You know that. That is not right."

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