Krauthammer: Obama Is Siding With the Mullahs Over Congress on Iran Sanctions

‘The president is simply not serious, and the Iranians know it as well’

Krauthammer: Obama Siding with Mullahs Over Congress on Sanctions (Washington Free Beacon)

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said President Obama is effectively siding with the Iranian mullahs over Congress by opposing new sanctions Friday on Special Report.

Krauthammer was not surprised at reports Iran plans to build new centrifuges considering there was nothing in the Geneva agreement precluding Tehran from producing more uranium.

Obama’s refusal to use Congress’s relentless pursuit of new sanctions as leverage with Iran, Krauthammer added, indicates “a total lack of seriousness” from the president. The Fox News contributor questioned why Obama is criticizing Congress when he could use their aggressive posture as a “good cop, bad cop” strategy with Iran:

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